Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book of Mormon Mesoamerican Geography

This represents my attempt to map out John Sorenson's Mesoamerican geography for the Book of Mormon as described in his 1985 book "An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon." Any discrepancies between his text and this map are my responsibility.

If you would like to download my Google Earth file to view in Google Earth you can find it here:

Google Earth is a free software you can download here:

This map is a work in progress as I know a few kinks still exist and I'm still exploring ways to better present the information in Google Earth. Any feedback is appreciated at

At a later date I plan on including a list of the Book of Mormon sites with the names of their real world correlation as suggested by Sorenson.

This is a scan of the primary map in Sorenson's 2000 publication "Mormon's Map" for comparison. This map is a purely internal geography, with no attempt to tie it to real world locations.